The WS Conservancy held two events to support the Heritage Trees- a rally and a tree tour. Read about them here and see the Sacramento Bee article.

Army Corps of Engineers clear-cuts lush habitat in Valley. LOS ANGELES TIMES. Go to website

60 year old Sycamore trees at risk. See more information here

The Dedication of the elephant at Emile "Whitey" Boisclair Park at 1728 Lake Washington Blvd was made on July 14,2013, The mayor as well as other dignitaries were present including the artist, Adam Bradley. More info here.

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Our Mission

To raise public awareness of the importance of preservation of our natural environment thru advocacy and education - that all of the natural resources of West Sacramento including Heritage/Landmark trees, wildlife and waterways be protected.

Our Goals

    To work with the city of West Sacramento to identify and survey the Heritage and Landmark trees and protect them from unnecessary removal.

    To connect with other environmental groups in Yolo County to protect our county's natural resources.